Alunos da Cultura Inglesa descobrem Sherlock Holmes

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Alunos da Cultura Inglesa "descobrem" Sherlock Holmes: veja abaixo as impressões de um grupo de alunos de Higer Intermediate 2, em nossa unidade Centro, o livro lido foi: The Speckled Band and Other Stories - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Ler é uma viagem, venha você também aproveitar os títulos em nossa biblioteca, além de praticar seu inglês, vai ser diversão na certa!

I liked the stories of Sherlock Holmes because they are really intriguing and make me think a lot. The book did grip me and I couldn't stop reading it. I strongly recommend it to everyone who has some interest in mysteries. (Alcino Salviano Cavalcanti)

The book is fascinating and addictive. You feel part of the book because the stories allow you to unravel the cases with the characters through various clues. You simply can't put it down! I would highly recommend Sherlock Holmes book. You will see the details are fundamental and many times what you see is not what you think it is. (Ana Carolina Kogawa)

Sherlock Holmes cases are very interesting and he has a unique talent to solve them. (João Vitor Ricco Verzemiassi)

I would highly recommend this book. The stories are gripping and the characters are interesting. If you like detective stories, you should definitely read it. (Matheus Vasconcelos Moreira)

I truly recommend the book. It is extremely well written and intriguing. All of the stories have an unexpected outcome and show the importance of details. (Nami Ikehara Dezotti)